Plaid "Honeycombs"

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50% linen - 50% cotton
A plaid is like a light blanket that you can use to hide while sitting in the garden in spring, summer, autumn. It is convenient to take a nap under it during the day without changing clothes for bed.

A plaid made of cotton and linen is very comfortable in warm windy weather, it will help you create a comfortable atmosphere for the body - there will be no overheating and the breeze will linger in the pores of the material. Such material is easily washed in the washing machine and therefore it is very easy to keep clean. The mix of cotton and linen is not an allergic material.

The plaid also perfectly complements the interior as an additional texture, as well as a color or shade.

Size: 1,0x1,4m
1 sleeping

*the color of the item may vary slightly from the picture due to lighting and color rendering

**product size may vary slightly (+/- 2 cm) due to manual production of each piece