We guarantee professional and responsible approach to the environment and natural resources. We work not against, but together with nature, so that you could enjoy both wonderful views from your windows and peaceful walks or other activities in your garden. 

Seasons passing by will provide you a pleasure to observe changing colours and to savour different aromas of blooming plants. 

In our landscape design we work in close collaboration with agronomists. 

Also possible full management/ supervision of your garden. 


“Good design starts in the designer’s head and is concluded in the client’s heart”. 

Interior design is often referred to as true art. And in fact, design is architecture inside a certain space. A good design combines ergometry, colour,light, shape and style. 

We offer to tailor your unique interior exactly and specifically for you, from the first tile to the cutlery in your kitchen drawer. 

It’s necessary to keep in mind that in different parts of our home our perception of light and colour is bound to change, while shape and space define our ergometric potential. (Ergometry measures amounts of work activity and body functions under various circumstances). 

I shall be working on your project from the perspective of the best solution in terms of space, light/insolation and functionality. I shall undertake responsibility to supervise the whole project, including materials, decoration and furniture. I see my main goal as to create the most personalised and comfortable interior for each client, so that my client would feel absolutely happy at home without even knowing exactly why.


Architecture plays the main role in the design of the environment. 

We provide setting the project on the right track; supervision of subcontractors’ projects and works; reconstruction; renovation; façade design. 

We see the key to success in a creative and fruitful collaboration of the client and the architect.