Runner "Pointsetija"

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Brand: Anna Zmayeva
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100% satin

Quality soft 100% satin handmade curved shape runner with stitching around the perimeter using a decorative cord of gold color and in the center is sewn with a decorative cord a flower Pointsetija.

Runner is a great opportunity to quickly set the table - a mini tablecloth. It helps to create a cozier atmosphere while eating. Very convenient for everyday use for two or four. Easy to put on and off the table, crumbs are shaken off and you can use it further. The dishes do not knock on the table and do not scratch the surface. Runner does not cover the entire table, allowing you to see the beauty of the tabletop.

Runner adds solemnity when laid over a tablecloth. You can have one lengthwise or across the table - thus highlighting each pair at the table. Gold trim adds solemnity and emphasizes the moment.

Easymachine washable up to 30*.
Iron at an average temperature of up to 150 *

Size 0.4 x 1.4m

*the color of the item may vary slightly from the picture due to lighting and color rendering

**product size may vary slightly (+/- 2 cm) due to manual production of each piece