Plaid-Mat "Leaf"

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Brand: Anna Zmayeva
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100% linen on both sides

Inside Eco synthetic winterizer.

Handmade Plaid - Rug 2in1 - is a wonderful thing for connoisseurs of natural and easy-to-use items that are easy to wash in the washing machine and keep your house clean.

The product is shaped like a birch leaf. With its material and design, it brings us closer to nature. The shape allows it to be laid in any direction and is easy to carry when needed. It is soft, light and at the same time retains its purpose - it warms your legs or you, as it can serve as both a blanket and a rug. It is easy to hide under it at home on the couch in front of the TV or sit with feets on it.

Linen is a very wear-resistant material, so this thing will last you a long time. In its style, it will fit into a modern interior.

Very easy to use. Machine wash at 30 * and iron up to 180 *

Size: 2.0x1.4m

*the color of the item may vary slightly from the picture due to lighting and color rendering

**product size may vary slightly (+/- 2 cm) due to manual production of each piece